Heart-intelligence* and Open-source* biofeedback technologies utilizing neurofeedback, biophotonicssound, and earth intelligence

* Heart-intelligence: envisions our intellect / mind in service to the wisdom of our heart, forming a powerful synergy.
* Open-source: open technology enhanced by cooperative community development.

A biofeedback modality toolbox that:

  • is guided by the individual's own heart-intelligence (via Dr. Paul Nogier's biofeedback pulse reading system.)
  • reconnects heart-intelligence within the individual and to the larger networks of their community: family, nature, earth, and source.
  • opens pathways for more energy, vitality, intuition and creativity to flow, by catalyzing links in the connective tissue matrix.
  • enhances synchronicity and synergy by increasing the coherence of the system.

Open-source tools for individuals, Makers and holistic practitioners:

  • OpenBCI - Brain Computer Interfacing for neurofeedback and biofeedback applications
  • Earthing - linking earth and human intelligence for healing and the evolution of consciousness
  • GIFT - a computer printable geometric information field that facilitates emotional and energetic healing
  • hFM - sound generation software using resonance and chaos theory to open energetics
  • HIGS - a Heart Intelligence Guidance System based on Dr. Paul Nogier's biofeedback pulse reading system which can select vibrational tools and parameters
  • Energize/Detox tools that can powerfully fuel transformation processes initiated by vibrational modalities
  • Exploring the Heart of Sound - small group heart-centered sound improvisation
  • Wisdom Circles and Heart Circles that build heart connections through conversation within circles of 3 to 8 people

Consulting and equipment services available from Lightfield Systems:

  • One-on-one sessions (in person or phone) of the biofeedback vibrational toolbox for catalyzing new interconnections, insights and growth.
  • Light and Color vibrational tools that are finely adjustable in wavelength to achieve optimal resonance effects.
  • Small group trainings in the HIGS pulse reading system and toolbox
  • Consulting and expertise in new vibrational instrument design.