Comments from practitioners using the CPL color pen

"Using the color pen with my clients appears to help them quickly access and resolve psychological and emotional issues that relate to their health imbalances.  The colored light works synergistically with the acupuncture and other modalities that I use.  The light adds strength and also seems to integrate and balance the rest of the treatment. A wonderfully elegant and powerful tool for use in a healing practice!

"Clients with anxiety and fear-caused blockages are more easily able to process their emotions, since the colored light appears to transcend the resistance pattern.  For example, one of my clients was able to greatly relax and move to a more positive outlook in only two sessions.  His irritability decreased markedly and he was able to relate better and more easily to his family and friends."
--Claudia Benvegnu, PhD, LAc

"I've been having awesome results with my clients.  I use the pen with my acupuncture knowledge, which recently has been expanding and blossoming into dimensions which they did not teach us in college.  I'm understanding acupuncture like how I think some of the ancient teachers worked with it --a completely in the body experience of energy and lightbody flows.

"I find the color really clears the meridians of any emotional blockage, better than needles.  I also combine the use of the color with essential oils and flower essences.  All of these are compatible vibrational modalities.  Our guidance is showing that combining color and essences makes for a beautifully effective and powerful tool --much more powerful than plain acupuncture alone.  I think this takes point therapy even above where it was in the ancient days when they used gold and silver needles.

"I've also been working much more with the devic and nature spirit energies, in terms of receiving guidance.  The layers of the energetics of the etheric body opens up.  So I almost experience an opening if you will, to blow into a very thin kind of membrane.  And this opens up, the energy body opens up so that the boundaries between people and nature is more flexible and fluid, they become more a part of the natural world.  And they can feel it!  Shift happens.  People experience deep peace.  Every day when I work on somebody, I am learning new things.  The spirit is just filling me with new information.

"Another area I use the light and color is working with DNA shifting therapies that work with the idea of a master cell or template.  I've been getting awesome results putting light and color here as well.  I'm interested in seeing how much light we can actually get anchored into the body.  When we can get more light anchored into the body, the more delight you have in living life.  Because when we are buoyant with the light that is present in us, my goodness, joyousness unfolds.  What I'm experiencing with people and the color tool, is that they say:  whoa, I needed that color in my auric field, that makes a big difference.

"While I'm discovering there are some key points on the body, the exploratory part of me is almost saying, I want to feel and experience every point on my body and see the effect with these different colors.  I'm also getting  a technique where I know how to swirl the color and the light into the meridian.  This allows me while working on one point of the meridian to swirl the light out to all the other points on that meridian.  This technique is starting to unfold in my consciousness;  it combines the motion with the intention and the tracking of my visual field.  I'm beginning to understand that these spirals or swirls through the meridians are actually creating the various organs in the body;  how the heart is swirled together and how the kidneys are swirled, etc.  I'm seeing the difference, I'm learning it as I'm doing it, as it goes up the meridian all of a sudden I just see it.  How much quicker it in-fills and what happens with the energy.  It's almost like a tai chi kind of activity, moving with that kind of focus."
--Giselle Reeves, acupuncturist and energy worker

"I have found this pen to be the most useful light tool that I own, FAR SUPERIOR to several IR and HeNe lasers, the Swiss color point pen, and a German fiberoptic system; patients have reported VERY STRONG sensations of energy flow through the channel system that FAR EXCEEDS results with needle or laser."
--M.M. Van Benschoten, O.M.D.

[author of numerous papers in the American Journal of Acupuncture on biophoton research and practice]