One on one sessions of biofeedback & vibrational modalities, guided by heart-intelligence:

  • opens energy doorways / pathways to increased vitality
  • major reduction in stress level
  • resolution & insight into emotions / energetics behind physical conditions
  • a synergy with any daily spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, qigong, ...)
  • enhances intuition, creativity, interconnectedness, sense perceptions
  • reduction of allergies and hypersensitivity

How it works: The wisdom of our heart (or heart-intelligence) has a connection to our higher self or guidance. A method of pulse reading, developed in France by Dr. Paul Nogier, allows this wisdom source to guide the practitioner in the use of a modality toolbox. In this case the toolbox contains modalities such as neurofeedback, biofeedback, color, sound, flower essences, energy medicine psychologies, etc. This heart-intelligence guides the unfolding of a sequence of these adjustments and the exact parameters of their application (location, frequencies, wavelength, etc.) 

Each of these balancing influences catalyzes an energetic or consciousness shift in the client. After a sequence of these small openings, eventually a doorway of insight or awareness or increased life-force / energy will open. It is a very gentle and natural process. 

Read feedback from clients or practitioners.

Also an interview on Vibrational Tools in Mind-Body Healing.


William Croft is a practitioner using heart-intelligence as a catalyst for evoking the individual’s own healing capacity. His work uses the technologies of neurofeedback / biofeedback / bioresonance to allow the body / mind / heart to achieve new levels of synergistic cooperation on a cellular level --working with the bioenergy network that coordinates our physical structure. He was a founding staff member at the Live Oak Center for the Healing Arts and also works with projects of the Qigong Institute. He has held research positions at Stanford University Medical Center, SRI International, and Sun Microsystems, and has developed communications network technology for over 30 years. His tunable wavelength optical technology is mentioned in the book Light Years Ahead. As a consulting engineer on the OpenBCI (open source brain computer interface project), he provides mentoring and support for neurotech Makers. In 2016 he was honored with inclusion on the Transformative Technology 200 list for his innovative engineering developments.