Some sample feedback from clients:

"I felt sensations of energy flowing from the light, going precisely to the spot where I had an old injury, and which had not completely healed in the last several years.  The next day the sense of pain which had been there a long time had disappeared."  --Donna Gaus, landscape architect and Reiki teacher

"I have seen William Croft several times over the past 2 years and each time have had excellent results. My stamina was boosted, the flow of energy was re-established through old blockages that were opened up, and I felt new and vibrant. Aside from FEELING better, I had proof of actual physical healing, when my gynocologist told me that the "dysplasia" - which had been diagnosed after a pap test - had actually DISAPPEARED, from previously being in "stage 3"! This meant no need for "cryosurgery" or a "Leep procedure"! I was elated! Another time I suffered from a head cold with swollen glands. After only one session, it cleared up completely within the next few days. Thank you William! This is the kind of process that health care will become in the future!"  --Angela Holl, teacher

"Several significant changes happened in my sessions with William.  First was that my voice came back for singing, I felt like I was in my own power and could sing with power and authenticity and not have the voice break up or falter.  At times I felt like I was '10 feet' tall, very centered and grounded and strong.  The sessions also altered my vision and relationship to nature: looking at a flower bush, it was like the bush and I were 'one', I WAS that bush;  this was so vivid, there was a sense of aliveness in nature that I had never seen before, I was seeing with a different perspective.  At another occasion I approached a pond with ducks, and I felt this really strong energy and light connection between myself and the whole pond.  ALL the ducks came over to see me;  at first I thought they might be looking for food, but no, I had my eyes mostly closed and I was there for a long time and the ducks still remained;  I know I had some kind of heart connection to them.  Lastly my meditations became much clearer and effortless, a kind of inner light came and stayed --and has been there ever since, still increasing." --Judy Morningstar, bookseller

"Bill's work was a very profound experience for me. In the session I became aware of a childhood mentor who had been an important influence to me in my youth.  I realized that I was linked to the person and hadn't spoken to him in years. During the session I cried and released emotion around this. Bill gently guided me through this experience and helped me to integrate it. Shortly after this session, I met with my mentor and renewed a friendship with him. I feel these sessions might help anyone process and heal unresolved experiences in their past." --Ram Smith, publishing manager and musician

“During the sessions my vision seems to expand, so that I see energy and auras more clearly.  I have contacted what seemed like past life material that explained and resolved some physical pain that I was experiencing.  The sessions have also helped with wrist pain that I was having related to the amount of stress in the environment where I work, a high demand administrative position.”  --Kathie Sylvia, silicon valley administrator

“I had a very positive experience with Bill’s work.  It has brought me to a new level of health, well-being, and strength.  His work seems to profoundly affect the astral body.  It seems that energy centers change direction in just one session, and subsequent visits deepen the attunement with the Higher Self.  My meditations are phenomenally better and I've never felt more at peace.  The color and sound seems to be just what my body wants at this time.  I’ve tried chiropractic, acupuncture, and many other modalities, but I respond to the color on every level.  It gives me a feeling of renewal and release in the deepest sense.  I’ve never ‘enjoyed’ a bodywork session as much as this, I highly recommend it.”  --Kristy Ash, teacher and choral director

“My first session with Bill was a magical journey deep within, facilitating permanent change concerning an emotional block I’d had for many months."  --Dana Cumings, painter and visual artist

“Bill brings the scientist and healer together in his sound and light sessions.  I experienced it as a comprehensive balancing for body, mind, and soul, with profound energetic shifts.  At times I felt like a violin, which was being finely tuned, energy streamed into areas of my body which had been tense and blocked.  I left relaxed with a deeper sense of well being and inner connectedness.”   --E. G. Randazzo, Eurythmy teacher

And this section from the interview on another page of the web site:

What kind of clients are you seeing in your practice? Are there particular conditions or situations that work particularly well?

I see the most response with people who are oriented towards personal growth. The reason I say that is because this kind of energy work tends to give clients insights and awareness into the emotions and energetics behind the conditions they are working with. A number of clients are ready to take this kind of responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Since more cellular consciousness is present, material which was once below consciousness can come up into consciousness for processing and release. This is a good thing, but it may also require some processing and integration on the part of the client.

Perhaps the biggest effect that I've seen is the reduction in stress level. With the stress going down, I've seen blood pressure and thyroid function return to normal. Also many situations of pain conditions being reduced. The lowered stress also relieves and resolves allergies and hypersensitivity.

As I mentioned, unconscious mental or emotional material can be brought to the surface for release and processing. One of my teachers, Dr. Ward Lamb says that "light is the great revealer", in that it seems to excel in this uncovering function. Clients have spoken of a "weight lifting off my chest", or of feeling their heart opening. Other clients have contacted layers of unfelt grief or anger that was holding them back. One woman contacted what she felt like was shadow material that was held in her DNA from several generations of ancestors. Another of my clients uncovered such a sense of joy, that she began singing again!

Lastly I can mention working with what are being called "highly sensitive people". You know Elaine Aron has a book out called The Highly Sensitive Person. Well I believe people such as this are actually at the frontier of human evolution. I think we are right on the threshold of a whole reconnection and return to community of our human family and the family of nature and spirit. There are new ways of seeing and new ways of hearing that want to open up and help us find our teammates and cocreators.

Clients such as this can start seeing and hearing more information from guides and guidance. In some cases there is almost a kind of "elemental" energy that wants to flow through us and befriend us; these kind of energies can feel like a sense of fiery or icy detoxification and clearing. Some African tribes say that certain people are what you could call "gatekeepers", or those who can communicate between the spirit world and the physical world. Without such gatekeepers their tribe would be lost. Without our modern western gatekeepers, we are at risk of destroying ourselves and the planet, because we have no sense of community with nature.

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