Some external links

A number of external links are located in our Energize and Detox page, as well as being spread throughout the site when referencing related sites. Here are some summary categories.

Heart-intelligence and heart coherence:

Light and biology: background and science:

Auricular medicine and Nogier's VAS pulse system:

Color, light, sound, informational / vibrational modalities:

  • Inergetix-CoRe System  Kiran Schmidt's innovative combination of holographic CoRelation ("divination")  principles with the resonant transmission of informational and energetic intentions.  A brilliant essay on the subtle differences between informational and energetic modalities.
  • Esoteric Acupuncture Mikio Sankey.
  • LUMINANTI Institute - Vibrational modalities: Color, Light, Sound, Aromatherapy
  • Dr. Larry Wallace Vision Therapy
  • Sensory Learning Mary Bolles combination of Syntonics, Berard audio spectrum desensitization and vestibular system stimulation via rotation table.

Other holistic health resources:

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