Big Mind: Simple Exercises for Recognizing Your Own True Nature

[This video was recorded at the Integral Institute in 2004. uploaded the videos to Youtube by permission from Integral Naked. For more Integral stuff visit . The text intro below is from the Integral Naked site.]

Big Mind—your Original Face—Nondual Awareness—Spirit itself, is not other than who you are at this very moment. To get us to realize this, many spiritual paths and techniques call us to go beyond the ego, into its source or ground. And rightly so. However, what an integral approach would suggest—and what we find wonderfully exemplified in Genpo Roshi's Big Mind Process—is that in order to transcend the ego, we must include it as well. In order to go beyond—in order to taste the spaceless, timeless Reality—we must integrate what is with us here and now, in space and time.

The Big Mind Process befriends the many voices within us—the dualistic voices with which we narrowly identify at one time or another—in order to gently lead us into a recognition of our nondual self. Because the enlightened state is ever-present, we can access it any time. And while a permanent realization of Big Mind requires growth through stages of development, this process is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to give us a taste of this "stateless state" right now.

Integral Naked recorded a complete hour and a half of the Big Mind process, as led by Genpo Roshi during an Integral Art Weekend in Boulder, CO in February 2004. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this guided tour into the freedom and fullness of your very own Big Mind.