Biofeedback / vibrational modality toolbox

HIGS is a Heart Intelligence Guidance System based on Dr. Paul Nogier's biofeedback pulse reading technique that can be used to select vibrational tools and parameters. In using this menu system, we first find which instrument or modality is being called for. Then we ask for more detailed settings and condtions that are needed for that modality.

Any technique which can be adjusted in terms of quality, frequency, wavelength, location of application, etc., can be an element of the toolbox.  Each practitioner will have their own set of modalities and tools.  (Interview on vibrational tools in mind-body healing.) Below is a partial list of tools available during one-on-one client sessions.

Session tools

  • neurofeedback and biofeedback modalities that enable increased synergy between mind / body, left / right hemispheres, neuronal and astrocyte (glial) cells: ILF InfraLow Frequency and Alpha-Theta protocols.
  • light tools that are adjustable in terms of wavelength as well as size of beam and location. The resonance produced induces increased cellular communications and chi flow.
  • sound generators such as hFM, tuning forks, and vocal/instrumental sounds.
  • voice spectrum analysis, combined with concepts from Hellinger's Family Constellation work: allow releasing of family dynamic patterns.
  • wide or narrow band frequency Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields, PEMF.
  • intuitively guided improvised vocal sound.
  • flower essences such as Range of Light and Quintessentials -- orally or on acupoints
  • the Metamorphic Technique of Robert St. John addresses prenatal (conception to birth) timeline issues, and benefits from vibrational point tools.
  • Internal Family Systems Parts-Work can be adapted to vibrational work, allowing closer cooperation between sub-personality aspects of the psyche.
  • physical-energetic modalities such as qigong, shiatsu, reflexology, ...
  • the energy psychology toolbox: EFT, TAT, ZPoint, Psych-K, ...
  • point devices utilizing the subtle energy of elementals, such as the Noble Elements.
  • many vibrational modalities can be transmitted for extended periods locally or remotely via an indigenous sacred geometry based radionics called the Red Door.
  • divination systems have occasional use to find archetypes that resonate with the current pattern.
  • selecting Law of Attraction processes such as listed in Ask and It Is Given.

Support tools

The toolbox is further supported by Energize & Detox modalities that are selected to match client needs. These are essential to streamline the energetic shift process.