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Hello, my name is William Croft. Lightfield Systems is a small company that builds and distributes light and sound tools used in vibrational modalities. It also provides training materials for the effective use of these tools. I am both an engineer and a practitioner. All of the instruments and techniques that appear here, I also use in my own practice with clients. This is a good combination, because as a practitioner, I can see what new instruments and techniques have the best effect, and how the instruments can be used.

Community Building

A teacher that I respect, Caroline Casey, says that this time period has a theme or characteristic that you could call Confluence of the Allies. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle that is trying to come together. If we try to figure it all out on our own, it is going to be difficult. We need to network together and benefit from what others are doing. From that perspective of synergy and new combinations, many innovative therapies will emerge.

I really believe this is true, and I invite each of you to brainstorm with me about how we can move this nascent field to the next step. I certainly don't have the lid to the puzzle box, but together, I think we do.

Cellular communications bridge builders

In the last several years, a number of excellent books on the area that is being called vibrational medicine have appeared (see Bibliography). Dr. James Oschman's book Energy Medicine - the Scientific Basis, gives an excellent overview of the entire field. The book Light Years Ahead focuses directly on light therapy and its range of applications. It is the best book to date on this subject. For those interested in the scientific background, I can also recommend a book from Professor William Tiller of Stanford University, Science and Human Transformation --Subtle Energies, Intentionality, and Consciousness.

(Interview on vibrational tools in mind-body healing.)

In my own practice and in talking with other practitioners, we find that light and sound can have a catalytic effect on the client. Dr. Ward Lamb (a pioneer light practitioner featured in Light Years Ahead ), calls light, the great revealer. By this, it is meant that light can help act to bring unconscious emotional or mental material to the surface, where it can be processed and released.

One possible explanation for such effects is research showing that cells use a form of light as intercellular communications. These very small levels of light are called biophotons . Thus in some sense the cells already speak in the language of light. Work by Popp, Motoyama and others reveals that this light communications system can be measured by sensitive instruments at various locations around the body. It is present in the grid of acupuncture points and meridians covering the body. And it is also measurable at the chakra locations along the front and back of the spine.

In terms of vibrational medicine, the healing intention of the practitioner plays a primary role. If such is the case, the light may be acting as a carrier wave of this information, broadcasting that intention into the cells of the body where it may be received and acted upon.

Sound is also a very potent carrier of intention. Scientists in China postulate that the light-based meridian information system is actually carried between cells with the help of intercellular liquid crystal channels. One use of sound, developed in China, has been shown to aid in the opening of these channels if they are impeded. Certainly many other applications of sound and light carrier waves exist and will be further developed in the future. Sound and light seem to work well with each other, and there is a certain synergy effect when the two are combined.

Technology, intention, and the heart

Research at the Institute of Heart Math is showing that the feeling state of the heart has a profound impact on physiological systems throughout the body. When a person places their attention on the physical area around the heart and simultaneously holds the intention of appreciation, gratitude or love, remarkable shifts occur in brain waves, heart rate, and respiration. This form of simple practice can activate what is being called heart intelligence. That is, the ability to think and make decisions from a heart-centered perspective. The intellect is then in service to the heart. It is from this place of wisdom that insights, intuition, and whole brain thinking are most likely to occur. This is surely also a place where deep healing responses are possible.

Whenever new technologies arise, such as light or sound, it is tempting to imagine that "the machine does it all." That you just turn on the machine or take the pill, and healing happens. Well clearly the field of alternative medicine is challenging this idea. The best we can hope for is that our technologies and skills can assist the client to settle into that place of whole brain, whole body, intelligent heart wisdom.

It is helpful if the therapist as well, can be in this place of heart intelligence while working with the client. Certain uses of sound, toning, or music can be beneficial in this regard. Again the marriage of sound with light.

New senses opening

Many metaphysical authors and channeled sources are now writing about more sensitive, new physical senses opening up for human beings. New abilities in terms of sensing the subtle energy light around the body (the aura). New ability in terms of hearing sound and frequency, of being able to sense energy and personality from voice or sound alone. I have experienced that our work with light and sound vibrations can help these new senses to unfold and develop. Perhaps because our senses of sight and hearing are working in the vibrational domain, vibrational therapies then operate on this same level.

It is true that there is a particular type of client base that will most benefit from subtle energy therapies. These are clients that are already in a process of self discovery, and are eager to gain new insights and intuitions about their situation. The work can have even more impact if the client has developed some subtle energy sensitivity through practices such as meditation, yoga, or qigong.

The need for a guidance system

Light and sound tools used in subtle energy or vibrational medicine, have many parameters which need to be adapted to match the needs of the client. For example with a light tool you need to discover the color to use and the brightness of that color. You also need to know where to use the tool, and for how long. The same is true for sound.

The analogy I like to use is of a combination lock with the round knob that you turn. You might start with left to 25 then right to 13 then left to 42 , etc. Each step in the combination doesn't seem like much, but it actually opens a small doorway. After several of these smaller doors opens, a synergy effect happens and the larger door of the lock itself finally opens.

In my experience, the light and sound tools work the same way. Each color or sound by itself may not seem like much, but when it is applied by matching the requirements of the client, eventually a doorway of insight or awareness or increased energy/life-force will open.

So how to choose the tool and application that best fits the client's situation? The practitioner needs some kind of guidance system to help with the myriad of choices available.

A heart-intelligence pulse reading system

I use a system that I call HIGS, a heart-intelligence guidance system. The idea is that we are multidimensional beings, with a higher self or higher level templates acting to guide our physical bodies. If we acknowledge the heart and heart-intelligence as a link to our higher wisdom source, then the response of the client's heart and pulse can be used to select the most appropriate tool and its application.

It is a little bit like a dowsing system such as the pendulum; however, with HIGS the practitioner is reading out the client situation directly, and not through the practitioner's own "dowsing response". Hence there is less possibility for error or for the unconscious preferences of the practitioner to influence the readout.

It also could be compared to muscle testing (applied kinesiology or AK). But with AK, the more questions you ask of the client, the more his muscle system is likely to become fatigued. And with the vibrational toolbox, there are many questions to be asked over the period of a session. So AK is not such a good choice.

Another big advantage of HIGS is that you can select items out of a list of possibilities, very easily, with no strain on the client. Using dowsing or AK, most practitioners would have to ask a series of yes/no questions, which can become both time consuming and tedious.

HIGS has its roots in a pulse system developed in France in the 60's by Dr. Paul Nogier. That system is called VAS for Vascular Autonomic Signal, because it is reading out the status or stress level of the autonomic nervous system. However HIGS goes beyond the VAS in a number of areas.

The HIGS Menu System

OK, how is this system used in practice? I use the pulse readout in combination with a system of menus. The first question I ask of the pulse is, what type of instrument is most appropriate for the next application? I do this using a list of possibilities. That list looks like this:


My left hand is monitoring the client's pulse at the wrist (on the radial artery). My right hand holds a pointer which I am scanning down the list of choices shown above. When the pointer is over the correct choice, a particular type of response ("positive VAS") is felt in the client's pulse. This response is telling me which type of balancing influence (or instrument) to use next.

The menu system is hierarchical in the sense that it is nested like a tree. If the choice was Light then I proceed to a further menu ("submenu") that lists the choices of light instruments. If the choice was Sound then I go to the menu that contains sound balancing techniques. If the choice was Light+Sound then the pulse is asking for both light and sound to be used simultaneously; I mentioned earlier that this can be a synergistic combination. In such a case I would then use the first the light submenu, then the sound submenu to find which combination of instruments we are going to use.

Certain instruments are tunable or adjustable, such as audio oscillators (frequency), light instruments using filters (which filter), or light instruments that have adjustable wavelength. In this case a further submenu allows selection of the color, frequency or wavelength.

If the instrument produces a narrow range or "beam" of effect, then another submenu discovers which part of the body is to receive the vibrational effect. The pulse system is excellent in working off of two dimensional maps of the body or body parts. This allows precise alignment of the instrument on the body. Dr. Nogier developed a system he called Auricular Medicine in that it uses the surface of the ear (the auricle) as a holographic map of the body. This system is very effective and powerful and is one of the more often chosen techniques in the toolbox.

Note that in general, we are not asking the pulse system for diagnostic information such as what organ or what circumstance caused the imbalance. Rather we are asking for guidance in how to apply our toolbox. It assumes that we have a certain amount of trust that the bodymind holistic intelligence is self-healing and regulating, and that applying the right kind of balancing information can aid and support that process.

Light instrument submenu

I'd now like to show you some of the instruments I use when light balancing is called for. You might call these light (and sound) tools a Vibrational Medicine Toolbox. Obviously such a list is very personal and will depend on what is in your own toolbox. However I will try to give you an idea of how the instruments below seem to be called into use. Some of these instruments are built by Lightfield Systems. Others we either distribute or can give you pointers on where to acquire. If the instrument is built by Lightfield, more detailed product information is available via the links shown or in hardcopy form; the description below is just a capsule summary.

Lightfield model CPL This is one of the most often used instruments in the toolkit. It is a small pen-sized flashlight which shines a dot of colored light onto the skin. Frequently, HIGS asks for a point to be illuminated on the ear (the auricular system), however other body points also occur. "I have found this pen to be the most useful light tool that I own, FAR SUPERIOR to several IR and HeNe lasers, the Swiss color point pen, and a German fiberoptic system; patients have reported VERY STRONG sensations of energy flow through the channel system that FAR EXCEEDS results with needle or laser." --M.M. Van Benschoten, O.M.D. [author of numerous papers in the American Journal of Acupuncture on biophoton research and practice]
Lightfield model XM  A true tunable wavelength light source, adjustable in one nanometer increments from 400 to 700 nm. Ward Lamb (in Light Years Ahead) says of his model XM: "This is the direction light equipment of the future will take. Its tunability makes it an invaluable tool."  The pulse system can readout from the client the exact nanometer setting at which the instrument is then set.
Lightfield model LM  A low cost version of the XM that is currently under development.  This instrument is also adjustable in nanometer increments, however instead of the lightguide output, the color output is projected onto a screen on the side of the unit.  And the color adjustment is performed via a mechanical linkage instead of a computer remote control.  These simplifications allow the cost to be reduced substantially.
Lightfield model TFF  This is an inexpensive tunable filter fresnel light source, that allows over 100 choices of color throughout the spectrum. Since the beam is broadly focused, the light is usually directed to both eyes and whole body at the same time.
Lightfield model XIRG  The initials stand for Xenon InfraRed Gold. This instrument combines the vibrations of gold (which is a tonifier used in Chinese medicine), with the influence of the noble gas Xenon. The noble gases are inert , i.e. they do not combine with other elements. This implies they have a quality of completeness or self-sufficiency/wholeness. The XIRG can be used both as an IR point device and as a broader beamed source.
Lightfield model IRL   A type of infrared device, working at the wavelength of 880 nanometers, a wavelength shown to have an activating effect on biological systems. The optical power output of the IRL is 500 milliwatts, which is very high for this type of source.  The IRL light is continuous and not flashed;  however a flash rate adaptor (IRL-F) is available which allows the flash rate to be set from anywhere from a few Hz to 50 kHz.
Laser pen The red / green / violet laser pens are another balancer used in the auricular system most often, although they do come up for other body points as well. The pulse may ask for several points using the laser pen, before it starts requesting adjustable color sources.  Perhaps this is because the more coherent, organized light of the laser prepares the body for the finer level color shades and influence of the tunable devices.

Sound instrument submenu

Here is a list of the sound instruments and techniques that I use as part of the HIGS menu system.

hFM - Heart guided Frequency Modulation "Natural" frequencies found in the body are seldom "pure tones" or single frequencies. There is variation and flexibility. The downside of "entrainment" to pure tone frequencies is that it gives the physiology little latitude to "dance" or experiment around the tone that is being provided. hFM is a simple (IBM PC based) audio frequency tone generator with several "adjustment knobs". The most obvious knob controls the base (carrier or fundamental) frequency in hertz that is being provided. A second knob adjusts the maximum percentage of modulation (+ and - hertz) of a randomized signal that will be used to frequency modulate the base frequency. (The modulation varies from zero to the maximum, on a random basis). The third knob (in hertz) adjusts the "change rate", that is how many times per second a new random modulation (frequency) is chosen. (HIGS is used to set all these parameter values.) The resulting randomized frequency can be applied to the client, via either headphones, speakers, subwoofer, or hand-held-woofer.

Qigong machine (QGM) This device, built in China, emits low frequency (infrasound) waves roughly in the human alpha brain wave range of 7 to 14 Hz. This same spectrum was discovered (in reduced intensity) from the hands of Qigong masters. The QGM doesn't send Chi (life-energy), but rather helps the clients Chi flow more easily. I always start a session by opening the vertical meridian flows with the QGM. It also can come up other times in a session for moving through blockages.

Music for People (MfP) The human voice is the means by which we express our truth and our deepest feelings. For many of us, this form of expression is not as open and free as it truly could be. MfP was developed by David Darling, the original cellist with the Paul Winter Consort. It is a technique where the client and therapist sing with each other in a supportive, intuitive, and non-mental way. It is a deeply healing and gently nurturing technique that is requested fairly often by the heart intelligence. Perhaps as a way for that heart intelligence to speak out more in the world.

Intuitive toning This is a way for the therapist to use their voice as a carrier wave of intention, singing intuitively to the client. It also provides a humanizing, heart-centered practice in the midst of all the light and sound techno-do-dads. Frequently this toning is combined with a simultaneous color of light from the XM or TF light sources. In this case I think the human sound and intention helps to synergize the action of the light and carry it widely to all the cells.


To better understand the ideas and techniques presented here, I invite you to experience a complementary session. This will give you a much better idea about this particular vibrational toolbox and how it is used. Please call the phone number listed on the website for an appointment.

Tools and trainings from Lightfield Systems

Two hour training sessions are available in these techniques. The instruction can either be one on one, or in a small group of your choosing.

Product list

The list of instruments or tools made by Lightfield is shown in the section above called Light instrument submenu.  and the following Sound instrument section. 

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Claim, not!

The techniques mentioned above, and light / sound instruments as well, should only be considered tools for education and exploration. They are not medical devices and no diagnostic or health claims are being made. They are not intended to provide medical advice. If you have a medical condition, please consult with a knowledgeable physician.