The XM tunable light source

Hundreds of color wavelengths from a tunable source

Imagine if you had a piano with only a small and limited set of keys instead of the full range.  You could play music, but fairly soon the ear would grow tired of the limited spectral possibilities.  The same is true of light used in energy medicine applications.  Most light sources are based on combinations of three Red Green Blue LED / LCD emitters. Or in theatrical fixtures on a small set of color filters. This limits the range of responses or balancing that can be evoked from the biophotonic and subtle energy / meridian systems.

The XM is a narrow bandwidth tunable light source that allows selection of hundreds of colors in the visible spectrum between red and violet (700 to 400 nm. [nanometers]). Practitioners using the XM typically employ a bioenergy readout technique to find the exact color wavelength necessary to evoke the desired client response.  (Techniques such as the Nogier VAS pulse, applied kinesiology [muscle testing], EEG, EMG, GSR, HRV, EAV, etc.)

  • portable, 16 x 20 x 9 inches
  • computerized remote control of color &  functions; nanometer readout
  • flexible light guide output to eyes or body; 8 mm dia
  • full spectrum compact xenon arc lamp source.
  • LCD glasses, adjustable flash rate


Left is the hand controller with button interface and nm. readout.  Right is the microcontroller connected to optics.

Hand controller buttons: left button steps down in nanometers;  right button steps up.  The center button enters a menu system where other parameters can be set.

Side view of the case, showing exhaust fan and switches.


The XM operator manual explaining how the unit is setup and use of the hand controller.